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If you have loved ones that depend on you, you need life insurance. Deciding what is right for you and your family can be tough, but our We Insure agents can help you determine what kind of policy will keep your loved ones protected.

Whether you choose whole or term life insurance, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Being able to compare all of your options is the easiest way to be sure you’re making the right choice. We can request quotes from over 30 companies, and help you understand all of your options before applying for the policy that works best for your individual needs.

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Whether you’ve got a family, a home, or you’re starting the business of your dreams, it’s important to make sure your everything that’s important to you is protected. Once you've found the right quote and policy, you can start your application right away.

What is life Insurance?

In the unfortunate event that something happens to you, leaving your beneficiaries to live without you, life insurance provides a payout that will help remove the financial pressure and stress. It’s a necessary safety net for those who depend on you financially. The life insurance payout can pay debts such as a mortgage, replace your income, and provide college tuition for your children.

Who needs life insurance?

If you have loved ones who reply on you financially, then you need life insurance. Life insurance can cover homemakers, or stay-at-home parents, small business owners or homeowners with a mortgage, just to name a few.

Life insurance can -

  • Pay for funeral costs.
  • Help pay off day to day living expenses and bills.
  • Pay off residual debt, which includes credit cards and the mortgage.
  • Continue a family business.
  • Finance future needs including college tuition.
  • Protect a spouse’s retirement plans.

What’s the difference between whole and term life insurance?

Term-life insurance covers you for a set amount of time and is enough for most people. This is the more affordable option. Whole life insurance pays out no matter when you die and builds cash value that you can access if needed in an emergency.

How are life insurance quotes calculated?

Life insurance companies use life expectancy as the basis for determining rates. Anything that could shorten your life expectancy will typically lead to a higher price. Factors like your age, gender, health conditions, and family’s health history are all important in determining your life expectancy, and ultimately your life insurance rates.

Can I get life insurance if I have a medical condition?

Yes, health conditions are taken into account when applying for a life insurance policy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take out a policy that’s fit to protect your family. Did you know that 80% of people overestimate the cost of term life insurance? There are plenty of life insurance options for those who have existing medical conditions.

What information is required when applying for term life insurance?

When applying for term life insurance, be prepared to answer questions about your current and past health conditions, and your family health history. You may also have to consent to sharing your medical records with your potential insurer. It may also be required for you to take a life insurance medical exam.

If you are covered under a group life insurance policy through your employer, do you still need a personal policy?

Having an employer who offers a group life insurance policy can certainly be a blessing, but it’s generally a good idea to have your own life insurance policy outside of their provided coverage. There’s a chance that the policy through your employer might not be enough and these policies typically end if you leave the job.

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