Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property and/or are renting or leasing one to another business, having commercial property insurance is imperative to protecting your investment. Unforeseen circumstances can often arise, but with the right commercial property insurance, you can be more prepared to tackle them in the event that they do.

Our network of top-rated insurance companies provides our We Insure agents with the resources needed to right policy features to protect your commercial property.

Commercial property insurance policies may include the following features:

  • Coverage for your buildings including garages and warehouses.
  • Payment for financial losses in the event of hazards such as fire, storms or burst water pipes.
  • Protection for the contents of commercial buildings and your personal property, including inventory, office equipment, furnishings and other business-related items.
  • Coverage in case of damage to your outdoor sign.
  • Provisions to cover leased workspaces and home-based businesses.
  • Protection of office computers, laptops and other media and electronics.
  • Coverage against loss or damage to the property of others in your possession on your commercial premises or at a job site.
  • Payment for rekeying of locks at your business premises following the theft of keys by a burglar.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage that covers the cost to replace or repair equipment following a loss or damage caused by mechanical breakdown or artificially generated electrical current.
  • Protection of money and securities used in your business if they are stolen, destroyed or lost.

We know the safety of your business is always a top priority and having a solid commercial property insurance policy is the first step to protecting one of your most valued investments. Call We Insure today so we can help set you up with the best commercial property insurance policy that fits both your business and your budget. Our team can be reached at 786-623-2123.