Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance? Image

Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

October 2, 2020


If you’re running any kind of business, large or small, that frequently uses cars, trucks and vans as part of its everyday operations, then if you haven’t already got commercial auto insurance, you should talk to an insurance professional about purchasing it today.

What is commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance covers any vehicles used by your business, for a variety of situations not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. It covers many different types of commercial vehicles, such as company cars, commercial trucks, and vans; basically, any vehicle used for business purposes instead of personal. 

Do you need commercial vehicle insurance?

If you’re a business owner, you may find that certain usages and vehicle types are excluded from your personal auto insurance policy, and if vehicles are used frequently during the running of your business, then there can be no question that you would benefit from some of the coverages offered by a commercial auto policy. However, it’s not always cut and dried…

What does commercial vehicle insurance typically cover?

There are several differences between your personal auto insurance and that of a commercial vehicle policy, which may include eligibility, definitions, coverages, exclusions and limits. Listed below are some of the coverages of a typical commercial vehicle policy:

To ensure that you, your business and any vehicles associated with it, are adequately protected, talk to your insurance provider today about commercial auto insurance…before it’s too late!