Are You Covered For These Common Liability Insurance Claims? Image

Are You Covered For These Common Liability Insurance Claims?

August 6, 2020


While most of us don’t anticipate someone having an accident and hurting themselves while on our property, you might be surprised to learn just how often it actually happens. Aside from the risk of harm to the person visiting your property, there are the potential financial repercussions for you, the homeowner, too. If your existing homeowners insurance policy doesn’t have enough liability coverage, then you could be left facing costly medical and/or legal bills.

professional insurance advisor can help determine whether the level of protection you currently have with your homeowners insurance policy is good enough to meet your needs. 

Here are just a few of the most common liability claims made against homeowners to date: 

Dog bites/attacks:

With so many Americans having pets at home, dog bites to visitors can occur regularly, and what legal action you face will depend upon the severity of the attack and the victims relationship with the home owners. A typical homeowners insurance policy covers damages and injuries caused by 
pets but note that some breeds are excluded due to the higher level of risk they present. Check with an insurance advisor to see if your policy will cover you adequately. 

Accidents at home:

Even if a salesperson comes onto your property uninvited, if they incur an injury due to negligence on your part, such as a faulty flagstone or ice on a walkway, then you may be help liable if you’re found to be at fault. Again, check your policy to make sure you’re covered and consult with a professional if you’re unsure. 

Falling trees:

During storm seasons, trees falling and causing damage to property and people are not uncommon, and if you have a tree on your property that falls and damages any of your neighbors property, then you could be held liable.  

Injuries to domestic workers:

Many Americans hire domestic workers to help them keep their homes and yards clean and tidy, and while some may have workers compensation insurance to cover them against lost wages and medical payments, if they don’t, then your homeowners policy may be asked to pay the claim should you be found liable for their injuries. 

As well as checking your existing homeowners insurance coverage with your provider, you should also check to see if you’re required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance for your domestic workers. 

To know more about protecting yourself against common liability claims, check with your insurance provider  for all the latest information and legal requirements, today.